Inventory Management


How would you like to NEVER run out of supplies again?

Let Flexible Packaging make last minute scrambles a thing of the past, by instituting our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program to manage your packaging supplies.

We will supply you with all the packaging items you need, with an absolute minimum of your space and money tied up. With VMI, we stock all of your packaging related items in our warehouse and deliver just what you need exactly when you need it. A Flexible Packaging representative will take  inventory of the items at your facility once a week, and will supply you with a spread sheet showing the exact quantity of everything you have on your floor, as well as how much we have in our warehouse. As we see a trend in your usage of each item, we will then be able to easily highlight the items you need for that week’s delivery. For most customers, a scheduled weekly delivery will meet their inventory needs, however, higher volume customers can receive deliveries twice a week, or even daily.

With Flexible Packaging’s VMI, no more sleepless nights, worrying that you may have forgotten to order a crucial supply item to meet your production schedule!