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REA - High Resolution Piezo - REA JET LK

* Terminal-controlled printing system for labels in high resolution
* enables you to substantially reduce costs for operating supplies

* Which are you currently using: pre-printed paperboards or labels?
* Are you looking for increased storage space with less capital commitment?
* with the REA JET LK printer, you label your paperboards using the "just in time" method and only at the end of your logistics chain
* you can conveniently edit and change print texts as quickly as you like on the LK input terminal or via interfaces
* quick amortization period thanks to reduction in the variety of pre-printed boards and labels used
* conversion of coding and marking specifications in the wood-, textile-, and building material industries
* the LK series has a local controller and can also be operated as a stand-alone solution
* for paperboard- and wood printing, an alternative to labels on porous and absorbent surfaces
* prints barcodes, texts, and logos
* prints from the sides, from the top, or from the bottom

* 3 print head types:

- Print height: 2mm to 25mm, print head type SKLK192/32
(Texts, barcodes, logos)

- Print height: 2mm to 48mm, print head type SKLK 224/32
(Texts, logos)

- Print height: 4mm to 48mm, print head type SKLK 352/32
(Texts, barcodes, logos)

* solvent-free REA JET inks in various colors and with special features
* ink cartridges are changed without interrupting production
* simple text input via LK input terminal with integrated controller
* Interfaces: 232/422 (optional)
* reduce downtimes: the modular setup of the system as a whole enables simple and quick replacement of system components on site where necessary. Downtimes and resulting costs are minimized